Farmer's Almanac Winter Forecast... Is it Accurate?

6:58 PM, Aug 28, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY -- Winter predictions from the Farmer's Almanac are out and show a bitterly cold and snow-filled winter for the northeast including Western New York.  And early February could have quite a bit of snow.

However, locally the colder temperatures would freeze Lake Erie over and at least reduce the amount of lake effect snow for much of January and February.

Temperatures should fluctuate with a decent rain-snow mix expected and frequent storms for late winter into March.

As for southern Ontario, Canada a similar winter forecast is expected with cold temperatures and high amounts of snow possible.

So just how accurate is the Farmer's Almanac? It claims an accuracy rate of about 80%.

Numbers show there hasn't been as much accuracy with the winter forecasts over the past few years locally.

If predictions are right, meteorologists should have plenty of forecasting to do this winter.

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