Lockport Residents Learn More About Contaminated Creek Clean Up

7:20 PM, Aug 14, 2013   |    comments
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LOCKPORT, NY -- Eighteenmile Creek clean up is something that the city of Lockport has been waiting for, including affected families who've lived along the water for years.

Many people affected who stepped foot into this public meeting, tonight want to hear what's next in the process.

"Get us out of there hope the best for everybody else," James Stiles said.

EPA's preferred plan was presented tonight which includes acquiring 9 affected properties and then relocating residents. From there the homes would be demolished and fencing would be put up for security, while the EPA digs up and removes contaminated soil.

It's not been determined how much affected residents will receive for their property.

We do know relocation services would be provided.

"They'll look what homes are worth in the area," Mike Basile EPA Public Affairs Officer said. "In addition the residents will be give relocation assistance for the actual move and money towards utilities once they move into their new home."

In addition the EPA is proposing to demolish what remains of this former plant where asbestos and lead was found during testing.

Several residents said they want further testing to be done in outside neighborhoods to make sure Lockport is safe.

"Maybe in the confines of 500 feet or 500 yards to see if you get anything," Pat Scrader said.

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