Cheektowaga Homes, Cars Splattered With Motor Oil

6:44 PM, Aug 13, 2013   |    comments
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CHEEKTOWAGA, NY--  Some homeowners in Cheektowaga woke up Tuesday morning to find a mess outside their homes.

Cheektowaga police say about eight homes and several cars were splattered with motor oil. Homes were hit on sidings, bricks, roofs, driveways and lawns.

It's been a frustrating day for residents who have damage - some of whom spent all day trying to cleanup whatever damage they have.

Like Dolores Racki.

"We found out that it was vandals and how could anybody do this," Racki said,  who learn her home had been vandalized with motor oil dumped all over her driveway and in the back of their house. Racki has lived in Cheektowaga most of her life and was shocked at what she saw.

"Not at this magnitude, not as bad as this is to have all the neighbors do all this work, cleaning up oil is pretty bad," she said.

Some people were taking out power washers trying to get the oil off the sidewalk and their homes. To soak up oil in driveways, folks have been using sand or in some cases, kitty litter.

Some houses a few blocks away also had planters destroyed. Police believe the incidents are related.

Police think a group of kids stole the motor oil and then began their rampage.

"One of the houses here had some used motor oil stored in their yard in separate containers and apparently, as they were walking through the yards, they grabbed a bunch of these containers decided to go through the neighborhood wreak havoc on these poor residents," said Capt. Jim Speyer of the Cheektowaga Police Department. 

Affected areas include, Barbados Drive, Woodgate Drive, Dartwood Drive and Dartwood Park. 

And residents want those responsible caught.

"They are due justice, they'll catch them, they'll brag about it and ultimately, they'll get caught and they'll have their day," said Greg Zmuda, who had his home vandalized. 



For the time being, homeowners will be held responsible for cleanup costs.


Police are looking for the suspects responsible. The DEC has been called in because of concern of oil running into the drains due to overnight rain.

Late Tuesday morning, police revealed that they have found evidence related to the vandalism incidents, but refrained from elaborating what the evidence is and where it was found.

Police have ruled out whether a plane came by splattering oil onto homes and cars.


If you have any information, you're asked to contact Cheektowaga Police at: 716-686-3510.

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