Beach Parking Ticket Dismissed

3:58 PM, Aug 6, 2013   |    comments
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Evans, NY - An Evans man, who contacted us after he felt he wrongly received a parking ticket at the beach, won't have to pay the fine.

The Evans town prosecutor called Paul Harenza Monday to tell him his ticket is dismissed.

"It feels good to put this behind me," says Harenza.

The father of two fought the parking ticket he got at Bennett Beach last month because he said it was given to him unfairly. Turns out he was right.

"I just got off the phone with the Town of Evans prosecutor who informed me my ticket would be dropped because they realized it was a mistake and shouldn't have happened," says Harenza.

Harenza took a picture of an Erie County parks employee putting up a no parking sign in front of cars already parked on the grass at the beach. After the county sheriff's department handed out parking tickets, Harenza called our tipline and the county replaced the green signs with these red signs with clearer instructions.

"Bennett Beach is a beautiful beach. Just follow the signs and park in the right side. If it's overflowed, then they say you can't park on the grass, but use caution," explains Harenza.

On July 29, Harenza went to court to fight his ticket only to find out the county wrote down the wrong date.

So he entered a not guilty plea and received a summons for this Thursday.

Then late Monday, Harenza says the town prosecutor called him and admitted it was all a big misunderstanding.


"If you feel you were wronged, I would fight it. I just hope it doesn't discourage people from coming out here to the Town of Evans because it is beautiful out here," he says.


After all of this, Harenza still does not know how much the parking ticket was for. It was not written on the ticket, and he was so excited it was dismissed that he didn't think to ask the prosecutor.


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