Nice Weather Equals Bad Bridge Traffic

1:02 PM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY -- I was in Canada for a family brunch on Saturday. It was cooler but mostly sunny and a decent day. No matter what holiday weekend or Canadian days off, when there is decent enough weather it always seems the bridge traffic intensifies, big time.

Using the bridge traffic app on that beautiful day, I saw the line of cars piling up and when it hit a 2 hour wait on the Peace Bridge I knew it was time to finish my lunch quickly and head back earlier than planned to make it in time for work. The bridge traffic was backed up even further than it was end of 4th of July weekend this year!

I wasn't planning on taking a ride north to Niagara Falls that day, but it seemed to be a much shorter wait for a longer ride. The Nexus only Whirlpool Bridge is a lifesaver sometimes. I was back in the US and in downtown Buffalo in about an hour.


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