Neighbors Ask City to Uncover Brick Road

11:44 PM, Aug 2, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY - Recently, neighbors on a quaint one-way street in Buffalo found a surprise hidden underneath the pavement.

Dom Parisi has lived on Buffalo's quiet Ardmore Place for 45 years. He remembers the day in the late 1960s when the paving trucks came to cover up the bricks and how much it upset his late wife, Louise and one of their friends.

"They were ready to lay down in front of the rollers and stop it, but unfortunately, it was too late," recalls Parisi.

Fast-forward nearly 45 years, and the city's construction crews returned.

"A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting on the porch, these guys came down with the truck that removes the asphalt. And Eric says to me, look at this stone. Looks at the bricks. I said, yeah, I know that's how it was years ago. He says too bad we can't have it back. I said, yeah, too bad we can't have it back," says Parisi.

But as the layer of asphalt peeled away, it revealed perfectly preserved bricks. So Dom made it his mission to bring the brick road back to life.

Neighbors contacted the city, and crews tore away the worn pavement in one day.

What came next amazed the neighbors.

"I have never seen anything that has been this cohesive, and that people get so excited about and everybody together. I've seen people talking to each other who have not talked to each in probably 20 years," says block club president Renee Wiedemer.

Generations of neighbors now spend hours every day spraying and sweeping trying to get the bricks back to their original beauty.

They think the nicer look could even boost property values, and it's already boosting spirits.

"We had people that are 90 that had their foot on the pile and the construction crews are moving for her. She was going down the street so that she could be a part of it because it was so important to her," explains Wiedemer.

"We had the tour bus come down, and there were two people on there from Pennsylvania. They heard so much about this, they wanted to see the street, so they brought them down and they're sitting there and they're smiling and laughing and they love it," explains Parisi.

Dom thinks even more streets could have bricks hidden underneath. And, he already knows his efforts to preserve the past would make Louise proud.

"Somewhere, where ever she is, I'm sure she's checking this out," he says.

Neighbors also tell us the bricks are better for the environment because the water goes through them instead of going into the sewer system.

They hope to hear a final "yes" from the city on keeping the bricks by Monday or Tuesday.

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