Residents Seek Help on High Grass

9:28 AM, Jul 31, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - Timon Street residents in Buffalo want action and up until now, they weren't getting any satisfaction by calling the city's 311 line. The concern is about high grass and skunks on vacant property.

Venita Hughes has been living on Timon over 40-years, Barakah Rice-Mitchell has lived here 53-years. They want the city to take care of the high grass in back of a vacant home. It has created a real nuisance for homeowners. A recent backyard gathering sent folks scrambling when a skunk ran from high grass in a neighboring yard and sprayed the area. Some Timon Street residents have called 311.

2 On Your Side spoke with Oswaldo Mestre, Buffalo Director of Citizens Services, who oversees the 311 office. He checked call logs and found complaint calls about high grass came in a couple of weeks ago and as late as yesterday. "Depending on the type of call, a response could be within 48 hours," he said.

This week, Mestre expects the grass at the vacant property on Timon to be mowed. The owner will summoned to Housing Court. A court order will be sought by the city to gain permission to go on the property and cut the grass.

When you call 311, expect to be notified by email or letter about a resolution, however, Mestre said the caller can and should call back to check on the disposition of the case.

Hughes just wants action soon so she can enjoy the summer outdoors. "I would like them to come, cut the grass, and put some traps out for the skunks." Some residents have spent money to pay people to cut front lawns of vacant homes to keep the street looking neat and clean.

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