Outer Harbor Concert Promoters Make Parking Easier

7:36 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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  • BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Eleven-thousand people are expected at Friday night's Tragically Hip concert at the Outer Harbor.
    To make parking as pain-free as possible, the promoters have made some changes.

    "We haven't done a whole lot of events here, and the site hadn't been used for a long time. So of course there are going to be some pitfalls," says concert promoter Artie Kwitchoff.

    With more people expected at Friday night's Tragically Hip show at the Outer Harbor than any concert there so far, Kwitchoff wants you to relax and enjoy yourself.

    "Unfortunately last time, a lot of people ended up at the furthest end of Fuhrmann in the marina parking lots. People should know, don't park there. You can come closer. You can park right inside the festival site. A lot of people got caught in traffic problems that were actually two miles up the road because it wasn't staffed. It wasn't really for concert parking," says Kwitchoff.

    To ease the flow of traffic, the City of Buffalo allowed promoters to open a new entrance right near the stage.

    Shuttles will be available from an overflow lot. Parking at the venue is ten dollars a car and the lots open at 4 p.m.

    If you are coming from the north, you're going to take the Skyway to Tift Street and take Fuhrmann back towards the concert site.

    If you are coming from the south, take the Skyway to the Outer Harbor exit.

    "Hopefully, after Friday everything goes smoothly. Hopefully, people come down have a great time. Hopefully, the weather holds and we get a beautiful day like today," says Kwitchoff.

    Kwitchoff says avoid the Ohio Street exit at all costs. If you need to take the Skyway Friday and you are not seeing the show, he says it should be smooth sailing if you stay in the left lanes.

    There is also a special reminder from the Coast Guard for boaters. If you plan on watching the concert from the water, you must have a light on board for safety reasons so other boaters can see you.

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