Hot Weather Sticks Around in Buffalo, WNY

10:52 AM, Jul 18, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - It will be still hot and muggy tonight with day number four of near record warmth with a high of 90.  The current record is 94 set back in 1953.

Tuesday made day number three of temperatures in the 90s in Buffalo, which doesn't happen that often. It's been about two decades since we've had this kind of stretch.

Cooling stations are set up around Buffalo and people are making use of them. Also, plenty of folks are out at the various splash pads that are open around the city with extended hours during this hot week and the turn out so far has been pretty high. "The splash pads are at record capacity all over the city," Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said on Tuesday. "If you go to the MLK Park splash pad or the Centennial pool splash pad, and many of the others, you will see a tremendous turnout."

There are other places to cool off.  Several stations are set up including some fire halls available to the public for people to go in and cool off.  The Lake Erie Beach Fire Hall and The Evans Center Fire Hall Station #1 are open as cooling stations from noon to 8 pm for the rest of the week.

The humidity is another factor. Dew point temperatures are in the low 70s creating oppressive humidity. When you combine the temperatures and the humidity, we have heat index values near 100.  That's what it feels like outside. Buffalo's high temp of 91 on Tuesday actually feels like 97 degrees for the heat index value.

Some doctors say that's enough for heat exhaustion to set in and even heat stroke. Anyone going outside the next few days are encouraged to take it easy, especially if you're doing anything physical like sports or exercising or any work outside. Also keep the cold water handy and take frequent breaks.

One good thing is that we have already had some warm days since May, allowing our bodies to get more acclimated to the heat. "The temperatures have been rising slowly, people's bodies have been getting use to it so it's not as much of a problem as if we suddenly went from chilly spring 60s up to the 90s like what we had last year," Dr. Collin McMahon at Women and Children's Hospital said. "That is a much worse scenario."

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