BOCES Prepares to Take Additional Students

7:27 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
Photo Courtesy: Associated Press
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- East High School holds a special place in Maxine's heart. She cares and is involved with the students who go here.

"I think the people should come and see what's really going on a day to day basis before making conclusions and stereotyping schools and the students," parent Maxine Murphy said.

Maxine is upset to hear about a current option that's on the table at her child's school.  Erie One BOCES will either take over administrative and superintendent duties for East and Lafayette high school's or provide technical  career training programs for any students who want to enroll.2 on your side asked if BOCES is prepared to take on this many students.

"Yes, we currently take on 2400 students in our career tech programs," Superintendent David Ogilvie said.

How this will be paid for depends on which option is chosen. If BOCES provide technical career training , the Buffalo School District would pay for tuition. Tuition is set at $7600 per student.  If BOCES administers the schools they will rely on grants.

"It will certainly affect our budget in the sense that if we don't have existing staff we will bring people on to teach and provide supportive services to students," Ogilvie said.

That includes providing bi-lingual teachers for students whose first language is not English.

Parent Lisa Griffith believes the career training will move the schools forward, but doesn't believe the current administration should change.

"They have good plans. We just had John Hopkins who just entered the picture last April. I think they're more suited towards the academic sides," Griffith said.

97 percent of the students who attend the 'career tech programs' at BOSES graduate from high school.

64 percent of those students go on to higher education.

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