Eight Jurors Seated in Nushawn Williams Trial

6:13 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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Nushawn Williams in a Buffalo courtroom

BUFFALO, NY - A new trial is getting underway to determine if the state can keep Nushawn Williams locked up, even though he finished his prison term for the crimes for which he pled guilty.

Williams was sent to prison several years ago for rape, and for knowingly infecting young women in the Jamestown area with HIV.

Eight jurors were sworn in Wednesday. Jury selection will continue Thursday morning. Testimony is set to begin on Monday.

But just a few weeks ago, a blood test showed Williams does not have the disease.

Williams is still in prison under the state's civil confinement law -- and the State Attorney General's office wants to keep it that way.


The public will not be allowed in the courtroom for the new trial -- because the judge wants to keep mental health records private.

A recent test requested by Nushawn Williams attorney indicates he doesn't have HIV.

A state health expert called that particular type of test "junk science."

A judge denied the attorney general's request for another test.

According to his attorney Williams is no longer taking medication for HIV. 

Testimony is set to begin Monday.

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