Dog Killed In Police Raid

11:11 PM, Jun 5, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- An Iraq War veteran claims that Buffalo Police targeted the wrong apartment when they kicked in his door and killed his dog Monday searching for drugs.

Adam Arroyo says he did nothing wrong, and now he wants an apology.

"I saw the carnage when I came in the door," he says.

Arroyo showed us bullet holes and blood left behind after he says Buffalo Police raided his apartment and killed his two-and-a-half-year-old pit bull Cindy.

"I would like an apology. They murdered, it was like my daughter, you know. That was my baby. Everybody knew that was my little girl. I took care of her so well. You know, that was my love," he says.

Around 8:30 Monday night, Arroyo, who works security at a bank, says he got a call from his landlord telling him police had just raided his apartment and killed his dog.

"I suddenly just started crying. I'm at work. People are like, what's wrong, what's wrong," says Arroyo.

By the time Arroyo made it back to the west side, police, and his dog were already gone. He did find a trashed apartment and a search warrant.

He says that while the search warrant is for 304 Brekenridge "upper," his apartment is the "upper rear."
Also, Arroyo points out a striking difference in who police were searching for.

"They were looking for a black male. I'm Hispanic. Puerto Rican. And, they were looking for crack/cocaine," he says showing us the search warrant.

So what did the raid turn up?

Arroyo says no drugs, just a military baton and pepper spray.

"This is stuff that I use for my safety because there are people on this block that get hurt, that get killed, and I've been here for three years and I've heard stories," he says.

He says he called 911 but that didn't help, then went to a police substation where he was given a number to call the narcotics division. He left a message Tuesday afternoon.

Police told us that the Buffalo Police Commissioner has opened an internal investigation into the case with the Internal Affairs Division in Charge.

We asked if police raided the wrong apartment, and we are told they believe they had the proper address and apartment.

Commissioner Daniel Derenda did speak with reporters on Wednesday about the case.  When asked about the verification process for addresses in a search warrant, Derenda said "There are proper procedures in place. We should not get the wrong apartment. I can't justify getting the wrong apartment and as I said...we are looking into what took place."

"People make mistakes, but this is something, it was a very big mistake, you know, especially coming in here and killing an innocent dog that is chained up. I could understand it if the dog was loose and it charged, then you know that gives them probable cause because they fear for their life, but to shoot an innocent dog that doesn't pose a threat," says Arroyo.

Right now, detectives do not think Cindy was chained or leashed Monday night. Derenda says police officers have the right to use lethal force against a dog if it attacks them but  adds "I'm a dog lover. I have three of them at home. You hate to see it happen to any animal but you don't want to see an officer get injured."
We asked "But you don't know if that's definitely the case here yet ? Derenda replied "I...I'm telling you right now it's under investigation."

Arroyo had to go to the SPCA to claim Cindy's body and pay for her cremation. They gave him a discount and charged him $20 instead of the usual $100+, he says.

Arroyo also told us that he has plans to sign up for the National Guard, but those plans are now on hold as he sorts out this mess.

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