Mayor Brown Uses Campaign Video To Make Case For Re-Election

7:02 PM, Jun 4, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, N.Y. - "We're making progress under Mayor Brown."

So begins a two minute campaign video that Byron Brown is using to kick off the media portion of his re-election campaign.

The video will be posted on his website as of midnight Tuesday, but 2 On Your Side's Scott Brown got a sneak peak of the video.

Just like the mayor's campaign slogan, "progress" is the theme of the video that was put together by a Washington D.C. political consulting firm.

It touts the mayor's accomplishments including lower property taxes, less crime in the city and development at the waterfront.

We had 2 On Your Side political analyst Carl Calabrese take a look at the video.

Carl Calabrese: "Very impressive, very good, exactly what an incumbent should do- speak about their record and progress and associate them with visuals."

Scott Brown: "The mayor has over a million dollars in the bank, is this what a million dollars buys you?"

Carl Calabrese: "Oh absolutely. We've only seen the tip of the iceberg. The mayor has a lot of financial resources that can be used on electronic media, direct mail, grassroots organizing, that's the power of incumbency."

The video also highlights things the mayor didn't have a lot to do with like the "Say Yes" program, under which a private foundation guarantees college tuition for graduating seniors, and jobs at the Webster Block which is being developed by the Sabres.

But Calabrese says during a re-election campaign, things like that are fair game.

Carl Calabrese: "That comes with the territory when you're an executive officer of a city, town, village or county you can claim credit for lots of things that you may have had a little bit to do with but you know if anything goes wrong, you're certainly going to catch the criticism."

Scott Brown: "What does this opening salvo signify to the mayor's opponents?"

Carl Calabrese: "It tells me I've got an incumbent here with lots of resources, cash resources and you better spend the next few weeks raising as much money as quickly as you can to be in the same competitive league with what's going to happen as this campaign heats up once we approach primary day."

The mayor's Democratic opponent, Bernie Tolbert, is having a big campaign fundraiser Wednesday night.

Primary day is now just 14 weeks away. 

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