Orchard Park Police Investigate Twitter Threats

7:56 PM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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OCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- An investigation is underway in Orchard Park as police try to track down those responsible for posting threatening messages about teachers on a social media website.

Thursday afternoon, the Orchard Park Central School District posted a letter to parents about the incident on its website. Police say it is just too early in the investigation to go into more detail, but the superintendent told us the messages were tweets aimed at teachers.

The letter refers to "several inappropriate messages" and tells parents to call the superintendent's office if they have any information about what happened after talking with their children about the case.

The Erie County District Attorney's office is involved. Investigators want to remind parents and students to be careful with what you post to social media sites.

"Unfortunately, there's a lot of pitfalls with the use of social media and kids realize though they may make a threat to someone face to face there are consequences with that. Often times, they don't realize the use of social media or the internet has similar if not more severe consequences associated with it," says Orchard Park Police Lt. Pat Fitzgerald.

Educators also warn about threats made over social media. The Depew superintendent says any information that comes to his district's attention that involves bullying is taken very seriously. They investigate each case. Superintendent Jeffrey Rabey says coming up with these policies is just a sign of the times. It's something his district has been working on for at least the past year.

"We try to educated our students as much as we possibly can, but as we know, everyone is an individual makes decisions, some good, some bad and then we have to follow up with consequences on that," says Rabey.

Police would not tell us what type of criminal charges could be filed if they do decide this is a criminal case. A school resource officer is also involved in the investigation, but Orchard Park police will not tell us which school he works with.

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