New Ad Debuts Promoting Business in Buffalo

7:16 PM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY -- Less than a week into its debut, the new ad campaign promoting Buffalo as a business-friendly city is being seen by people across the country.

Bill Collins, who runs the Travers Collins ad agency, likes the commercial.

"It's creating a buzz. And I think that's the one thing you want with an ad campaign. That people are talking about it, that they're noticing it. It's water cooler conversation. I know the first time I saw it I was kind of taken aback by it. I've seen it several times and I like it. I mean, to have Jim Kelly and Warren Buffett in the same commercial, not a lot of communities can do that," says Collins.

New York's Empire State Development Corporation spent $110,000 on the ad campaign, which is airing nationally on some cable networks, as well as in Canada, the New York City area, Pennsylvania and Buffalo.

"It's a fast hitting ad. It's lively. You know, it's kind of tongue in cheek a little bit. I think it's fine. For what it is, it's good," says Collins.

"Do you think it will be effective in getting businesses to move to Buffalo and WNY?" asked Kelly Dudzik.

"I don't think anyone's going to be sitting in their family room and saying, ah, I've got to move my company to Buffalo because of this, but I do think it gets people's attention, it may get them to look at Buffalo a little differently than they may have otherwise, and hopefully it plants an idea and starts a process," he says.

Collins does not think the ads will help bring Buffalo natives back, because in his opinion, they already want to move back. He cites the fact that resumes from people around the country wanting to return to Western New York cross his desk every day. But, Collins says this ad is an example of Economic Development 101, and as long as people are talking about it, it's doing its job.

"They certainly get your attention. And, you know, while the production value isn't the greatest, the message is clear," he says.
We spoke with New York's Empire State Development Corporation Monday afternoon, and we are told that since the ad has only been out there for four days so far, it is still too early to tell what kind of response it is getting as far as bringing businesses and jobs to Western New York.

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