Plan To Save Holy Angels Revealed

11:42 PM, May 10, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Friday, the Save Holy Angels Committee revealed a new plan to try to save Holy Angels Academy.

The group presented the plan to school leadership Friday afternoon hoping to keep the school open and financially sound for years to come.

At that Friday meeting, parents on the Save Holy Angels Committee got the go-ahead to make a presentation at Monday's Board of Trustees meeting to try to save Holy Angels Academy. This means the board and the Grey Nuns have agreed to at least consider the plan to keep the school open.

Last month, students and parents were shocked to find out the school would close after this school year because of financial problems. This news came after the Grey Nuns already put $1 million of their own funds into keeping the school afloat.

"The plan is looking at a number of things. First and foremost, is to keep the school open, but it's not to keep the school open for one year or two years. It's a long range plan. Obviously, the plan includes raising quite a sum of money. The first year alone, we're looking at pledges in the amount of $2.5 million. Which seems like a lot for WNY, but trust me we have a number of people, family, friends alumnae, who have reached out and asked us to do this," says parent Mike Hoodmaker

Parents want to keep grades 6-12, but ultimately it will be up to the Board of Trustees.

The goal is to eliminate all debt within the first year, cut costs to operate the school, and increase enrollment.

It is also important to committee members to pay the nuns back. They say the nuns spent $600,000 of the $1 million on the school so far. No matter what, they want to raise enough money to cover that cost, even if the board of trustees ultimately says no to this plan.

"I would say I'm guardedly optimistic based on the number of people who have reached out to myself and other members of the committee," says Hoodmaker.

"Two weeks ago, you weren't walking away from Holy Angels. We're here to turn this around. We need the support of the current students and parents to make this work. What you're going to see a lot of is the students rallying and they've done it before for other events," says parent Dan Ward.

Students at Holy Angels Academy could find out their fate as early as Monday. That is when the Board of Trustees meets. Parents expect an answer either Monday or Tuesday.

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