Time to exercise vs. making a healthy dinner

9:37 AM, Apr 29, 2013   |    comments
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Eating healthy and exercising are behaviors that are supposed to complement each other -- but in today's busy world -- most adults only have time to do one.

researchers at ohio state university looked at the daily activities of over one hundred thousand adults, and found if they spent more time preparing a healthy meal -- the amount of time they spent exercising that day went down.

men and women allotted less than an hour for meal preparation and exercise each day -- and if one activity took too long they did not increase the time they had for the other.

these findings were the same whether men and women were married or single, or had kids.

researchers say doctors need to be conscientious of the fact that their patient's time is limited -- and they should help them find ways to incorporate both exercise and healthy eating into their daily routine.

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