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Buffalo Public Schools Adopt New Code of Conduct

12:42 PM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - The Buffalo Public School Board approved a new code of conduct at a meeting Tuesday night.

The new set of standards is less punitive and focuses less on suspensions and more on intervention.

In the past, even minor infractions resulted in a suspension.

School officials say pushing kids out of the school for punishment does nothing to help an already failing graduation rate.

Just a couple of years ago, one in five Buffalo Public Schools students was suspended, compared to the state average of one in 20.

"One of the things we put in this document that was a real game changer, something principals really wanted in this document, was specific guidance and the types of interventions that we should be providing for children, including what could be some punitive consequences when children have certain challenges," said assistant education superintendent Dr. Will Keresztes. 

The changes came following multiple public hearings over the past several months.

The new code of conduct is rather lengthy, but school officials say a shorter six to eight page "public friendly" version will soon be available in multiple languages.

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