Diabetic Alert Dog Update

10:10 AM, Apr 2, 2013   |    comments
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Today, I have the opportunity to visit with the Van Hauwaert family in West Seneca.

 Hayden Van Hauwaert found out she has Type 1 Diabetes on Valentine's Day. In order to help her blood sugar levels, her family has purchased a diabetic alert dog from a breeder in Utah. Maggie has been home with the Van Hauwaerts for about a week now, and this afternoon, I will get to see her in action. Maggie is able to tell when Hayden is not feeling well.

Maggie alerts Hayden's parents, who can then stabilize her blood sugar.

I'm very interested and excited to meet Maggie and visit with Hayden again to see how she is doing. I've seen videos of diabetic alert dogs in action, but to see one working in person will be amazing. Having Maggie as part of their household means Hayden's parents will be able to not worry as much.

Last month, Hayden's mother told me,"It's not going to make us go to bed at night and question if our daughter's gonna be alive when we wake up. Diabetics are known for dying in their sleep. That dog, just knowing that it's going to be in the house and can sense it, it's going to provide so much relief for all of us."

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