Catholic Students Want New Pope to Revive Faith

11:52 PM, Mar 12, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - As the world watches, anxiously awaiting a new Pope, some young people in Western New York say they're looking for specific things from the new leader of the Catholic Church when he emerges.

There are about 5,000 students at Canisius College. School officials say 85 percent of them are Catholic. And in rooms like one student government office on the college's campus, students are monitoring all the information coming from Vatican City about who the new Pope could be and what the process is in picking the new leader. 

"I'm actually kind of really excited, because most people don't get to see many of them and it just so happens that we get to see two of them in a short span," Anthony Kroese, a junior at the college.

Anne Continetti, another student said, "there's a lot of discussion going on about it just what's going on and how is this new Pope going to affect us as a Catholic college."

Students imagine the new Pope as charismatic, perhaps a younger man than Pope Benedict XVI. The hope for students here is that the Pope's qualities will bring more people back to the church and attract new followers. Some say they'd like the new Pontiff to resemble a beloved fallen leader in John Paul II, who served the church for 27 years.

"John Paul II was very public and that was one of the things many people liked about him," said one student on his way to the college's chapel.

Students are also excited that there's much diversity among the cardinals.

"I'm also interested that for the first time in a long time, we actually have the prospect of a Pope from outside Europe, so I know there's a Canadian Pope, a Brazilian Pope and African Pope, they're all big probabilities," said Eric Hammer, a junior at Canisius.

And it's not a demand, but many students say they'd prefer that the new Pope keep the Vatican's Twitter account so that people can get to know who the Pope is. 



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