A Pope of Color?

9:26 PM, Mar 12, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - There is a question being discussed by many in the Catholic faith around the world. Will Cardinals elect the first Pope of color?

The question is not insensitive to many because after centuries of white European Popes, it is believed that a Pope from a developing-world could change the modern view of Christianity.

Joyce Menifee, parishioner at St. Martin De Porres said "I believe that would be pretty exciting," if the next Pope was of a different race.

Father Ronald Sajdak of St. Martin De Porres in Buffalo presides over the largest African-American Catholic parish in the Buffalo diocese. There are approximately 490-families.
80% are African-American, 10% are from Africa.

Father Sajdak can relate. When a Polish Pope was named he said, "it meant the world to me."

Cardinals of different nationalities that could be the next pope are: Malcolm Ranjith of Sri Lanka, Luis Antonio Tagle of the Philippines and Peter Turkson of Ghana.

Barbara Booze is not as concerned about race as she is qualifications. "I'd like to see the person that's most qualified that's going to serve us in the most spiritual way," she said.

Father Sajdak said "for people of color, if the world so chooses, that someone from any nation around the world, a person of color who may be chosen, wow. It would have the same impact as President Obama's election for the people here in America. A source of pride and a source of being able to relate to them."

If it happens, he knows the next service will be memorable, "I wouldn't be able to control Sunday if that happens. We'd be doing holy ghost dance."

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