Buffalo's Bishop Talks About Qualities He'd Like To See In New Pope

6:32 PM, Mar 11, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - Although Buffalo's Bishop Richard Malone would never say it, it's clear from speaking with him that he feels the next Pope should be someone who has what Pope Benedict in many areas lacked.

Under Benedict, there were more and more revelations about priests who were pedophiles and the superiors who protected them.

Scott Brown: "How important is it as an issue for this next pope to address?"

Bishop Richard Malone: "I think this whole matter needs to be on the short list, maybe the top three or four items that the new pope would deal with. We do know that this does not receive the same priority -- the protection of children -- in some other parts of the world as it has received here, and rightfully received here because of the tremendous volume of tragic cases we had in this country."

In addition to taking a stronger and more proactive stance on sex abuse, Malone believes next pope must do more to reach out to the Muslim world.

Bishop Richard Malone: "How do we work out a healthy, harmonious, peaceful relationship in the various places where there are Muslim majorities. or Christian majorities where we have these communities present?"

Benedict was 78 when he was elected, the oldest pope in nearly 300 years.

Malone believes the new pope needs the energy and vitality to travel more, especially to areas including Africa, Asia and Latin America where Catholicism is growing.

Scott Brown: "Do you think the actual face of this new pope is important?"

Bishop Richard Malone: "I think the person of the new pope is key, whether's he's white or black or Asian or whatever he is. I want the best guy, the best bishop, but I would find it refreshing because the church in the global south is thriving, it's flourishing, the numbers are huge. I think it would be a beautiful, a beautiful development if the best possible candidate were in fact someone from Africa or perhaps the Philippines or Central America."

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