State Study Finds Elevated Illness in Tonawanda Industrial Corridor

12:58 AM, Feb 27, 2013   |    comments
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TOWN OF TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- Neighbors concerned about potential health effects of environmental pollution in areas in and around the Tonawanda Industrial Corridor heard the results of a state study.

Scientists from the New York State Department of Health explained that their research found elevated levels of certain types of cancer; most often lung, bladder, uterine and esophogeal cancer, as well as leukemia in the Town of Tonawanda, Grand Island, Sheridan Park neighborhood, and Riverside.  There are also elevated rates of certain birth defects in babies.

Despite what this study had found, the health department says there is more work that still must be done.

"What's difficult is that this study is not able to prove cause and effect.  So we can't say whether this is related to something that is going on in the environment here or whether its releated to individual risk factors that are present in the community," said James Bowers, a scientist with the health department.

Neighbors were allowed to comment and ask questions Tuesday night, and during the month long public comment period which ends on March 31st.

All that feedback will be added to the study's final document.  It will be used to help determine what happens next.

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