Governor Cuomo in Buffalo, Defends SAFE Act

7:40 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY-- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Buffalo Thursday.

Governor Cuomo was at City Honors School in Buffalo to discuss his plan for the 2013 budget.

He told the mostly high school students that he wants to raise the minimum wage and that they are lucky to live in New York State.

You can watch the governor's speech in the video players along the side of this story.

Following his speech, the Governor fielded questions from reporters on a variety of topics, including the controversial NY SAFE Act which strengthens gun control laws, but --according to critics--does nothing to improve the safety of citizens and is onerous to law abiding legal gun owners.

The Erie County Legislature today became the latest in Western New York to pass a resolution asking the state to repeal and revise the SAFE Act.

"In terms of tweaking the law.....anyone who has read the newspaper or followed the news knows that's what we've been talking about from day one," Gov. Cuomo said in response to a question from WGRZ regarding whether he would be comfortable with the law being amended.

It might appear, however, that word of possible "tweaking" hasn't filtered down to the various county legislatures in Western New York, as well as legal gun owners who continue to raise their voices in opposition.  

"The process, on a lot of these laws, has what's called a chapter amendments afterwards for technical corrections, and I would anticipate technical corrections on this bill," Cuomo said.

The Governor did not indicate whether those "corrections" might address restrictions which legal gun owners have cited as the most onerous to them, or whether he might agree to relaxing them.

These would include the limitation of legal magazines to seven rounds (which gun manufacturers currently don't make) or the requirement that certain weapons--while still legal--would have to be registered with police.

One part of the SAFE Act which Albany observers believe would be particularly ripe for a chapter amendment, is a section within the law which appears to make it illegal for police officers to carry their service weapons while off duty.

Such an amendment, it is believed, would even be supported by those who voted in favor of the SAFE Act.

Click on the video player to watch our story from 2 on Your Side Reporter Dave McKinley and Chief Photojournalist Andy DeSantis. Follow Dave on Twitter: @DaveMcKinley2


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