U.S. Marshals Find Cara Dickey in Chicago

7:49 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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Cara Dickey (2012)

BUFFALO/CHICAGO --  U.S. Marshals tracked down a Western New York teacher on the run this weekend, more than a month after she cut off her ankle bracelet.

Cara Dickey was on parole after the 2009 case where she admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with a student at the charter school where she was teaching.

This past January, Dickey cut off her ankle monitoring bracelet, causing law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for her.  Officials say she failed to register as a sex offender, and there was concern after she spent the holidays around her partner's young family member.

Dickey and her girlfriend, Candice Brighon (who is also on Corrections Supervision) failed to report to their officers on January 9th.

The month-long investigation had officials following up on leads in Atlanta, Cleveland and Chicago.

U.S. Marshals say after getting a number of tips about the pair's whereabouts, they were able to track them to a motel outside of Chicago Saturday afternoon. 

Investigators say no children were found with the two women.  At one point parole officers were concered that Dickey had begun another inappropriate relationship with an underage child.

Part of the reason Dickey and Brighon were found was because Dickey had been arrested for prostitution on February 13th by officials in Illinois.  Police say she gave them a fake name and I.D. at the time she was arrested.  She was given an appearance ticket and released, but eventually officials were able to determine who she really was.

She is being held in Illinois. U.S. Marshals say they hope the pair will be returned to New York State by next week.

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