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Report Cards Came Late for Some in Buffalo Schools

8:19 PM, Jan 16, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Report Cards Came Late for Some in Buffalo Schools

Photo Courtesy: Associated Press

BUFFALO, NY - It is unknown how many report cards for Buffalo Public School students were received late for the first marking period, but there were more than a handful. Not only did they arrive late, some were sent to wrong addresses.

Lou Petrucci, a Buffalo School Board Member knows about the problem firsthand. His daughter, a senior in a Buffalo High School, did not get a report card in the mail on time. "I live on parkway, well somehow the computer system converted the word parkway to quad and it was mailed to some college in the middle of new york state. So we didn't receive our report card until well after parent-teacher conferences, about a month later than what we should have normally."

According to Petrucci, there was a computer glitch. "They went to this new automated system, when the computer generated the report card, it made these errors and assumptions that caused report cards to either be incomplete or go other places and I know the problem because I've heard from a fair number of parents also. Part of the information that I spoke to IT (Information Technology) about is that they're trying to find out where the information is being populated from. Where did this system draw the information or more importantly in my case, why is the computer system or program changing a parkway to a quad?"

The report card really is one of the most valuable tools a parent can have to know where their child stands academically, it's also a signal for parents to know if their child needs additional help.

"As a parent, I'm concerned also because if my daughters are struggling in one of their classes, I want to know because I want to go in and talk to their teacher, whoever it may be."

The district does have a section on its Buffalo Public Schools website for parents to sign up for the parent portal to access report cards. However, according to Petrucci, "that's a large problem because we have a grand technological divide in this district." Many homes don't have computers giving parents access to on-line records. 

Petrucci expects the problem to be resolved before report cards go out for the second marking period in February.

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