10-Year-Old Organizes Vigil for CT Victims

7:03 AM, Dec 17, 2012   |    comments
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BARKER, NY - Many people in our region find themselves impacted by the tragedy. One way to cope is by coming together and leaning on one another.

With all the hope in the world, Abby Wilson, a ten-year-old from Niagara County hopes you'll have some time Sunday and a place in your heart for those who have suffered unimaginable pain from the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting.

Hour-by-hour, Wilson has been organizing a vigil for Sunday night at 8 p.m. in her hometown of Barker.

"This way all the new angels and family will feel our prayers and love," she said.

Barker is a small community in Niagara County. Hundreds could show at the village's downtown gazebo, which is where the vigil will be held. As you can see, it's all lit up now and will be even brighter if you're there.

"Lets pray for the parents going through this and the suffering of those poor children and not just the loss of the children, but the loss of the teachers," said Candace Corsaro, the organizer of a vigil in Niagara Falls that happened Saturday evening.

Several other vigils have sprouted from the goodwill of community leaders across Western New York, since news shocked the world, that another tragedy involving guns had happened in America.

A small group of mourners gathered Saturday at the child statue at Hyde Park in the falls. The small flames from candles burned bright for people, who folks there have never met.

"Give your children a hug and a kiss and tell them, I love you," said Corsaro.

And providing relief is what Wilson is trying to do for people who are still asking, why did the shooting happen?

"I couldn't get it off my mind, because I just couldn't think of all the kids who weren't going to wake up for Christmas Day," said Wilson.

Wilson says she's gotten thousands of likes on Facebook and delivered flyers door-to-door in Barker and at a high school wrestling tournament there.

Other vigils have been held in Buffalo and Eggertsville.


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