Where Did a Parolee Get a Gun to Shoot His Wife?

4:26 PM, Dec 7, 2012   |    comments
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LOCKPORT, NY - The Niagara County Sheriff says the suspect in a Wednesday morning shooting on Campbell Boulevard that injured a woman was found dead inside his home.

Niagara County Sheriff James Voutour tells 2 On Your Side LeAnne Tucker, 40, was shot in the face allegedly by her husband Morris Tucker, 44.

She was found in the roadway on Campbell Boulevard.

A witness says LeAnne Tucker was shot in the cheek and the bullet went out the other. He says she was responsive and talking.

Authorities want to know how her husband possessed a weapon. Morris Tucker, 44, was a convicted felon and not allowed to have a weapon. He used a 9 mm high powered handgun to shoot his wife and kill himself.

The origin of the weapon will be traced. New York State Police Captain Steve Nigrelli told 2 On Your Side, "in a crime where a gun has been recovered, we do a trace, we work with our partners from the ATF, and we do a trace. We want to find out from manufacturer, from the first time that gun has been sold, who has possessed that gun legally and how does it go from the manufacturing plant to the hands of a murderer."

"If you are prohibited by law from possessing a handgun and you're thinking about getting one, don't," said Nigrelli. You're going to go down that path again of committing crime and we will catch you and you will be arrested, you will go back to the penitentiary and that is a promise."

Authorities surrounded a home on Campbell Boulevard following the shooting, where Morris Tucker was holed up with the couple's three year old daughter.

Authorities were able to get the child to come to the door, and then get her out of the house, after calling her name over a loud speaker outside. She reportedly told police, "my daddy has a boo boo."

Officers went into the home around 1:15pm and found Morris Tucker inside deceased on a couch. The rifle was nearby.


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