Felony Hearing Waived in Fatal DWI Crash

8:26 PM, Dec 1, 2012   |    comments
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  • Danielle Kellogg, covered in a black jacket, is whisked into the back door of Brant town hall.
  • Danielle Kellogg
  • Baylee Dion

BRANT, NY-- The woman accused of driving drunk in an accident that killed a seven-month-old baby was back in court Friday, although few people caught a full glimpse of her.

As Danielle Kellogg, 24, arrived at Town of Brant Court for a felony hearing, her head was completely covered by a black jacket, and she was quickly whisked into the back door of Brant Town court by people who appeared to be family members and one of her lawyers.

The hearing was waived and Kellogg remains free on bail.

WEB EXTRA: Legal analysis on Kellogg's case

Kellogg posted her $20,000 bail  late Thursday afternoon.

Kellogg is charged with vehicular manslaughter and DWI.

Tuesday morning, she was driving an SUV that collided with a car driven by Denise Hine. Hine survived, but her seven-month old baby girl, Baylee Dion, was killed.

At Friday's hearing, the town justice did not allow cameras inside the courtroom. Once Kellogg had arrived inside, it was difficult for anyone, including little Baylee's family members in attendance, to even get a look at Kellogg.

"It looked like there were two adults that were standing around her, trying to make sure that the people in the courtroom couldn't really get a look at her," said Steve Boyd, an attorney for Baylee's family. "And then they ushered her out the back door, so I couldn't get any kind of read on her demeanor at all."

Baylee's uncle, Jared Wilson, said it was important for him to be present during the brief court appearance for Kellogg.

"That justice is served," Wilson said. "I hope that she's treated accordingly and fairly. But I would like to see that she would be an individual that would never be able to cause this exact same damage to another family out there."

The day after the fatality, baby Baylee's family spoke with the media

"For the girl that did this. She made the biggest mistake in her life by getting behind that wheel," said Baylee's father Scott Dion.

Kellogg was convicted of DWAI three years ago, so this is not her first offense.

Denise Hine was released from the hospital Thursday night. Neither Dion nor Hine were present at Friday's hearing for Kellogg. Their attorney said they were making funeral arrangements. Additionally, he said a memorial service will be held for Baylee Wednesday at 1pm at Wesleyan Church in Hamburg.

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