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Shenk Concedes; Comptroller Transition Off To Bumpy Start

12:25 PM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Shenk Concedes; Comptroller Transition Off To Bumpy Start

Erie County Comptroller Candidates Stefan Mychajliw (R) and David Shenk (D).

Buffalo, N.Y. - On Election Night Republican Stefan Mychajliw declared victory in the race for Erie County Comptroller when he led by 11,000 votes in the unofficial tally.

Incumbent David Shenk though was nowhere near ready to concede the race.

And when it comes to transition planning, the two men don't agree on much. Just listen:

Comptroller-Elect Stefan Mychajliw: "Only until this week did I speak to my opponent and that's because we called him."

Scott Brown: "Mr. Mychajliw says you haven't been the most eager to sit down and talk about a transition?"

Comptroller David Shenk: "I would say I find that surprising Scott because he called me on Monday, and I immediately took his call. At the time I didn't have my schedule in front of me, so I told him I'd call him back Wednesday and we'd schedule something for next week."

Stefan Mychajliw: "I ran into him on Wednesday and he agreed to meet me for coffee next week Wednesday. Well that means there's been a full month since election day where I haven't been in the office yet."

Scott Brown: "He said he wants to sit down in the office with you and go through job positions and talk about what audits are underway?"

David Shenk: "He brought none of that up with me. In fact he actually offered four ideas for a get together - dinner, lunch, breakfast or coffee and I chose coffee, I figured that would be a good first start and then we can go forward from there."

Scott Brown: "I think people hearing whether it's a meeting or coffee, in the office or outside of it are going to find this pretty silly, can you guys sit down together next week and go over what he needs to find out to be comptroller?"

David Shenk: "That's scheduled for Wednesday."

The final counting of ballots in the race won't be completed until next week, but on Thursday Board of Elections commissioner Dennis Ward said it's now mathematically impossible for Shenk to win.

Scott Brown: "Basically this thing is over and done with?"

Dennis Ward: "This thing is over and done with."

Scott Brown: "Are you willing to concede that you've lost the race?"

David Shenk: "I did not want to concede until I got something from the Board of Elections. Now that I have, I'm willing to concede and I'm willing to offer my congratulations to Stefan."

Scott Brown: "In the past, some people who have lost a race have shredded documents and thrown out files, what kind of office are you going to turn over to him?"

David Shenk: "What I'm going to turn over to him is everything that he's supposed to have. There are many files that are here and those files will be here when Stefan starts."


















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