Some FWS Customers Still Having Issues

7:51 PM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- When the FWS Furniture chain announced in mid-October they were closing, some people contacted 2 on Your Side to report their furniture orders had not been filled.

Some are, but there could be a lingering issue for one FWS customer in particular and now some of the remaining merchandise is headed for sale and auction.

As we told you in mid-October, FWS was closing all three of its area stores including the Elmwood Avenue location in Buffalo with a secured creditor brought in to wind down operations.

Some customers we have since contacted told us their furniture was delivered after they contacted an agent for the business.

But one of our viewers, Yvette Hill, is still waiting for a $1200 dollar bed set she paid for and is making an effort to go the store personally to get it.

She is concerned because the Williamsville based Blackbird Auction Firm has announced that a discount tag sale of remaining items in the stores will start this coming Friday and there will be an auction of anything left on December 8th.  We have tried to contact Blackbird to see if they know if all customer orders have been filled, but they have not responded.

The State Attorney General's office was also looking into past complaints from FWS customers.  A spokesperson for that office now tells us they are very much aware of the situation and are quote pursuing all avenues to try to help customers in this case.  If anyone watching still has an issue, contact our Tipline.

The Better Business Bureau is still getting complaints and they'll pass them along to the Attorney General's office.  If you paid by credit card, hopefully by now you have contacted the card company.  They can still fight it out with the owners and creditors for FWS.  It may be extremely difficult though for cash customers.  That's why you are advised to pay in thirds for large ticket items with the final payment on delivery.

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