Want To Thank A Vet? Here's How

1:46 PM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
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Buffalo, N.Y. - Talk to just about any veteran and all they'd like in return for their service and sacrifice is to hear two words: thank you.

Now there's a program run through the Erie County Clerk's office that let's businesses say just that to a vet.

Joe Fialkiewicz was having his picture taken for his new ID card at the Clerk's office on Monday.

Fialkiewicz is a Marine Corps veteran from Angola, and from now on all he has to do is show his card to get discounts at 350 businesses in the area - everything from car repairs to Carruba Collision, from Mighty Taco to Marrano Homes.

Joe Fialkiewicz: "You know I'm going to take advantage of this, like I say save a penny save a dollar nowadays we're happy campers."

All Fialkiewicz and any vet has to do to get the discount card is show that they were honorably discharged, there's no cost for the card.

The "Thank A Vet" program was started under former Clerk Kathy Hochul, but it's been greatly expanded over the last year by her successor Chris Jacobs.

Jacobs has sent letters out to local chambers of commerce to get businesses to sign up. He says the response has been great.

Chris Jacobs: "We think the sky's the limit and the veterans absolutely deserve it."

Lou Billittier, the owner of Chef's Restaurant, learned about the program when he and Jacobs were having lunch over the summer, you can guess where.

Now Billittier is giving vets a 20% discount if they have the card.

Scott Brown: "Is this just kind of your way of saying thank you?"

Lou Billittier: "Absolutely, absolutely. There's no way of saying thank you enough to these men and women that do this for us everyday, so it's our little way of giving back to some of the veterans."

There are those two words again.

I figured I'd give it a shot with Joe.

Scott Brown: "Can I say thanks for serving?"

Joe Fialkiewicz: "Yes you can, thank you very much."

The cards can be obtained through the Clerk's office during regular business hours. The Clerk's office is also doing sign ups for the cards at local VFW halls and other locations.

Click here, for more information on the Thank A Vet program. 































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