Big Changes For 2012 Ice Ball At The Statler

2:10 PM, Nov 24, 2012   |    comments
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Buffalo, N.Y. - The owner of the Statler, Marc Croce, says this year's second Ice Ball will be a lot different from the first one.

Last New Year's Eve, four thousand people bought tickets for the first Ice Ball, an event that marked the official reopening of the Statler and there were complaints about long lines for food and drinks, and a lack of seating for people who didn't buy VIP tickets.

Among this year's changes:

* Croce is limiting the crowd to 1,500 people, less than half of last year

* Everyone who buys a ticket will be guaranteed assigned seating at a table

* Each room will have its own food station, as opposed to last year where there was one centralized station.

Scott Brown: "What lessons did you take away from last year?"

Mark Croce: "One of the biggest lessons was number one the capacity, because everyone was looking to be able to sit down and eat, whereas we thought it was going to be more of a grazing type event.

Also, to try to open up a building like this on a night like that with that kind of influx of people and staffing issues, we now have a year under our belt, a great staff - people that have been working on hundreds of weddings and special event, big galas, and big balls."

For more information on this year's Ice Ball:


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