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Mindy And Bob Rich Have Show On Broadway

9:31 AM, Nov 22, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Courtesy: NYC Tourism

Buffalo, N.Y. - "Getting involved in 'Chaplin' was in many ways a matter of circumstance and fate," said Mindy Rich.

Fate that led she and Bob to a club in New York City nine years ago.

"We went to a place called Chez Josephine and at the piano was a gentleman who was just this incredible entertainer by the name of Chris Curtis, and he started playing music from a Broadway show that he was developing and writing," said Mindy Rich.

That show turned into "Chaplin" and if People magazine had been around about a hundred years ago Charlie Chaplin probably would have been on its cover every other week.

Not only was he one of Hollywood's first and most famous stars on the screen, but off it as well. Chaplin would marry four times, including twice to underage girls and would eventually be barred from entering the U.S.

The Riches are the lead producers of the show, meaning they've put up a significant amount of the money that was needed to get the show to Broadway.

Mindy Rich: "You really are responsible for the business of running a show, making sure it's developed, putting it on and making sure hopefully you get bodies in the seats."

Scott Brown: 'Did you have creative input into it?"

Mindy Rich: "Yes I definitely had creative input along the way. I think one of the highlights for me is that you get to work with the most amazingly talented, passionate dedicated people. And it's been a fabulous experience and I've loved every minute of it."

The show has opened to mixed reviews, but it's star Rob McClure has won raves for his portrayal of Chaplin.

Mindy Rich: "It has had a standing ovation every night that it's been on Broadway, audiences love this show. The longevity, the duration, what happens next is still up in the air, we'll see, but I feel really good about it."

Before Chaplin, the Riches had been involved to a lesser extent in the revival of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway and one other show.

Mindy Rich: "I definitely see Rich Entertainment Group and me personally staying involved on Broadway, with this one (Chaplin) I've gotten in pretty deep. I will say I've already started looking at some other projects in the early stages of development, so you never know."













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