8 Essential Cancer-Fighting Foods

10:56 AM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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Celebrities have been learning a yummy way to help prevent cancer... by eating food specifically designed to do so... Some of which you may have on your Thanksgiving dinner table.

NBC's Mike Wilber tells us about eight essential cancer-fighting foods.

there's a delicious way to fight the battle against cancer-- and it all has to do with what you eat!

Chef Christine Avanti, Celebrity Nutritionist: "The world of food, when we're talking about real food is loaded with a plethora of benefits."

celeb nutritionist and chef christine avanti says there are eight foods in particular that can help fight cancer!

Chef Christine Avanti: "Being Italian, I use garlic in almost everything except desserts. It has these sulfuric compounds that actually fight-off cancer producing cells."

next up... asparagus! is another veggie that helps in the battle.

Chef Christine Avanti: "Asparagus is high in the B vitamin called folate. Eat more asparagus and you're gonna reduce the risk of colon, ovarian and certain types of breast cancers."

artichokes help keep your heart healthy-- but they can tackle the big "c" too!

Chef Christine Avanti: "You can take it, steam it, boil it, roast it. Artichoke is loaded with a flavanoid, it's also known as an antioxidant called querstin. It actually kills cancer causing carcinogens. There was a recent study and red onions and shallots came out at the highest for cancer-fighting compounds. Chop up shallots, put 'em in a sauce, you can slice up red onion, throw it in a salad."

broccoli and tomato together have an amazing effect!

Chef Christine Avanti: "It's so simple to incorporate it into your diet. Soups, salads, omelets scrambled, even stir-fry. Don't be afraid to combine the two. Another great cancer fighting food is cabbage. It fights off certain forms of breast cancer. When you ferment cabbage it actually boosts its cancer-fighting potential."

some other great cancer fighters-- featured in her book "skinny chicks eat real food"-- are corn, which helps prevent colon cancer and pistachios!

Chef Christine Avanti: "Recent research has shown that resviritrol-- found in pistachios-- may actually reduce the risk of certain cancers. And don't forget resviritrol is that great antioxidant we also find in grapes an in wine."

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