Parents Remember Lost Children

2:38 PM, Nov 11, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. - A number of people gathered with one thing in common at a local church Saturday afternoon, with one thing in common.

They all lost a child too early.

Whether it was from an act of violence, illness or war, the service shows there are resources for parents who have lost a child. The service was held by the Catholic Cemeteries Diocese of Buffalo.

At Mount Olivet Cemetery's Chapel, parents were able to come together in a grief session.

For example, the Gasiewicz family, who's from the area, lost their daughter, Army Sergeant Cari Ann Gasiewicz of Depew in early December 2004.

According to family, Gasiewicz hit an IED while serving in Iraq. She was in the process of making plans to come home for Christmas when she was killed.

"Pride, [we are] very proud of her, [we] miss her dearly, but she did what she wanted to do. This is what she wanted to do and when she got involved in something she put her whole self into it," said Paul and Kathleen Gasiewicz. 

The Gasiewicz say their daughter offered to drive a vehicle from Iraq to Kuwait. And on the first day of the trip, her vehicle was blown up on what was supposed to be a safe road. A passenger in that vehicle did survive.

Saturday's service included poetry reading, prayers and music. Experts say that some of the best support comes from being with others who may be able to understand the pain of losing a child.

And with it being Veteran's Day weekend, you can imagine many people at home have similar stories of loss, whether it be a child or another loved one.











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