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Granddaughter Jailed for Allegedly Scamming Granny

6:10 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
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GRAND ISLAND, N.Y. - A young woman is spending the night behind bars, after she allegedly went on a spending spree with her grandmother's identity.

The granddaughter, Kali Zelakiewicz, was in court for the first time Wednesday to hear charges related to the spree.

Zelakiewicz, formerly of Grand Island, is now an inmate in an Erie County holding cell on grand larceny and identity theft charges.

The 20-year-old has been arraigned in Grand Island court. Zelakiewicz, who says she is now living in Tonawanda is accused of using her grandmother's name to setup two credit card accounts.

Authorities say the grandmother contacted them claiming her identity had been stolen.

Investigators say that Zelakiewicz used the cards to spend about $25,000 to pay bills, buy items and put a down payment on a car.

The judge, hearing the case, confirmed in court that Zelakiewicz gave a written confession to police admitting to the spending spree. Zelakiewicz had a not guilty plea entered into court because she didn't have an attorney.

Zelakiewicz was unable to pay $2,500 cash bail or a $5,000 bond and that's why she was taken into custody from the courtroom.

The unemployed Zelakiewicz could get four to seven years if convicted of the crimes, according to the judge hearing the case. Her next court date is scheduled for Monday.

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