Dick Gallagher's Preview: Class D Championship

7:31 AM, Nov 6, 2012   |    comments
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Maple Grove (9-0) vs. Randolph (7-2)
Maple Grove Randolph
Head Coach: Curt Fischer Head Coach: Pat Slater
(172-38-0, 21 years) (210-99-4, 33 years)
Points Scored: 276 Points Scored: 29.5
Average: 30.7 Average: 32.8
Points Allowed: 65 Points Allowed: 120
Average 7.2 Average: 13.3
Key Players Key Players
Aaron Germaine Jordan Dowiasz
Tanner John Dylan Foust
Oliver Simpson Chris Doubek
Derek Johnson Nate Beaver
Eric Olson Lucas Brown
Dalton Bolles Mitch Maycock
Jeff Tampe Bryce Morrison
Jason Selberg Cody Oldros
Jon Scoxton Micah Kehoe
Jared Pitchford
Top Offensive Player: Oliver Simpson Top Offensive Player: Jordan Dowiasz
Top Defensive Player: Aaron Germaine Top Defensive Player: Dylan Foust
Unsung Player: Jeff Tampe Jeff Tampe: Mitch Maycock
Last Year in Title Game: 2011 Last Year in Title Game: 2009
Last Year Title was won: 2011 last year Title was won: 2009  
Record Title Games: 5-8 Record Title Games: 7-4
Keys to Victory:
Randolph needs to avoid Turners, limit Simpsons production, and have the defense play big.
Maple Grove needs to avoid penalties, slow down Dowiasz, and prevent Germaine from making big plays.
This game is a rematch of a game in week 3 when Maple Grove defeated Randolph 27-14. The Cardinals started 1-2 but have won 6 consecutive games and outscored the opposition in the last 5 contests by a score of 207 points to 32 points.
Jordan Dowiasz has rushed for over 1000 yards and scored 20 touchdowns to lead the Cardinals offense. Jared Pitchford and Chris Doubek are also excellent RBs. Mitch Maycock is on e of the unsung players in WNY. The Cardinals are a typical Pat Slater team playing smash mouth football and defensively are a physical team.
Maple Grove has won 19 of the last 20 games and are one of the best defensive teams in WNY allowing an average of only 7.2 points per game and posting 4 shutouts. 
Curt Fischer's offense this season is "ground and pound" but he also has an excellent QB in Aaron Germaine who has thrown for 8 touchdowns. Offensively, Oliver Simpson has rushed for 1468 yards and 17 touchdowns.
Both teams have outstanding lines and both have excellent kickers in the Red Dragons Eric Olson and the Cardinals Micah Kehoe.
Curt Fischer has won 172 games in 21 years and has won 82% of his games.
Both are outstanding coaches.
State: Maple Grove #1, Randolph #19
Local: Maple Grove #4, Randolph #10
Red Dragons have won 8 titles and 2 state titles while the Cardinals have won 7 titles and 2 state championships.
Maple Grove has defeated the Cardinals in title games in 1996 and 1997 while the Cardinals won in 2009.
This matchup between these two powerhouses is the 21st consecutive year that the Cardinals or Red Dragons have been in the championship game.
The Maple Grove record is 2 wins and 3 losses in the past 5 title games while Randolph has a 3.2 record.
This game is a tossup. The winner will make a run for a state championship.
Maple Grove: 17, Randolph: 14

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