Investing in the Waterfront Stadium Plan

12:02 AM, Oct 25, 2012   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY - Just like a famous movie about sports, lots of people may be saying "Show Me the Money" when it comes to a new plan to build a new waterfront stadium for the Bills.  So, 2 On Your Side went to the developer with that question.

The plan would cost $1.4 Billion dollars to build a stadium for the Bills along the outer harbor.

After presenting to Buffalo's Common Council yesterday, Nicholas Stacick, the head of the company looking to develop the plan, did not know which sponsor would take on the project. He said, "There will be no problem believe you me...I did it with Disney and I'll do it with this."

In August 2000, the late attorney Johnny Cochrane convinced a jury to award Stracick and an architect more than $200 Million dollars.

They accused Disney executives of copying their ideas for an Orlando sports theme park where the Atlanta Braves hold spring training.

The Vice President of the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex is George Hasiotis.

He's a former Erie County Water Authority Commissioner who considered a run for county comptroller and ran the Antoinette's Sweets candy firm.

He says for the past five years he's been scouting potential locations like the old Central Terminal site and surveying interest for the downtown stadium plan with guidance from the HKS Architect firm which handled NFL stadium projects in Dallas, Indianapolis, and now in Minnesota.

Hasiotis says there are serious investors to kick in $700 Million for this project and quiet the skeptics.

2 On Your Side's Ron Plants asked, "What kind of people are we talking about? Hasiotis says, "The kind of guys that do the bonding, they're working on it for Oakland, people that have worked on Indianapolis and Dallas. You know Jerry Jones put up, it's been over $2 billion dollars. You know at lot of it his own, but he did it completely on his own. He didn't allow the NFL to participate at all because he could do it. Every venue, every site is different but you know what I wanna do. Ron, I think the best way to answer some of these questions is we'll get HKS in town in short order in the next few weeks.












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