Truth Test: More Attack Ads In Hotly Contested NY-27th

10:45 AM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - The attack ads continue to inundate the airwaves in the hotly contested race for Congress in NY's 27th district, pitting incumbent Democrat Kathy Hochul against Republican Chris Collins.

An ad called "The Bandit" features Collins in a mask, ala Clayton Moore, but without the Lone Ranger get-up and sans the Ranger's trusty steed Silver.

While a flashlight effect used in the ad gives the appearance of uncovering something, the first truth about this ad is that it merely rehashes charges made in a previous ad called "Now Hiring", which like "The Bandit", was also produced and paid for  by the House Majority PAC, a group which supports Democrats in Congress, and is spending $500,000 in support of Hochul.

Meanwhile, the National Republican Congressional Committee (which as you could assume by it's name is dedicated to getting Republicans like Collins elected) is out with another attack ad against Hochul.

"It's All A Game" features a monopoly board in the background, and it too makes claims similar to a previous anti-Hochul ad put out by the same organization.

Click on the video players to see our stories on both ads, and how they stand up to the rigors of the 2 On Your Side Truth Test. 


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