Albright Knox Lights Up for 150th Anniversary

3:55 PM, Oct 7, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NEW YORK - Earlier this week, Buffalo's grain elevators were lit up in light.

The show, which was a test run for what could someday be a permanent outer harbor attraction got rave reviews.

Now, another landmark is getting a chance to shine - the Albright Knox art gallery.

Ancient photographs that have been slowly released from the gallery's archives were on full display Friday night. They were being revealed to mark 150th anniversary. The show was called "Illuminating AK."

Essentially, huge projectors shot 3D images of about 500 pieces of art at the face of the gallery.

"The projection is being like a blank page that they then go in and fill in, you'll see the columns activated you'll see the architecture details that maybe sometimes you didn't notice on the building come to life," said Holly Hughes, the curator of the gallery.

Coordinators of the show used animation to block out the building so that specific details of the pictures could be seen. If you like art and know your stuff, you may recognize names like Frida Kahlo's self-portrait, which is an image dating back to the 1930s and the "Spirit of the Dead Watching," which dates back to the 19th Century.

These works of art captured the imagination of many like Trinity Rose Chatwood.


"I keep art in my heart and that's because I like this so much, it's kind of like, people keep art in their heart to make these pictures and things," she said.

Trinity and some of her friends saw the show from the front row. She along with just about everyone here were equipped with a green glow stick to light up the sky. 


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