Attica Cleanup to Take Longer: Furnaces Turned Off

11:02 AM, Oct 5, 2012   |    comments
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ATTICA, N.Y. - There is some updated information about efforts to put out a burning pile of recyclables that is producing an awful smell in Attica.

State Assemblyman Dab Burling says Hillcrest Industries has complied with a State DEC request that it shut down glass bead furnaces, dryers and grinders to reduce emissions of certain materials into the surrounding community. The DEC says its found certain deficiencies in the facility's air pollution control equipment. The DEC also says it is pursuing a consent order which is basically a negotiated settlement to require that the firm comply with regulations.

 The DEC states it notified Hillcrest on June 20th that it was citing the company for several violations including: excessive nuisance odors affecting the community, operating a solid waste management facility without a permit, and placing fill near a regulated wetland.

  The agency says a second notice of violation to Hillcrest on July 27th for "excessive particulate emissions" from clear glass grinding, grit (slag and colored glass) grinding, and glass bead furnace processes.      

  A DEC spokeswoman says there will be certain fines for those violations and there could be additional fines if Hillcrest fails to fix the pollution equipment to agency standards.

 Village residents have raised concerns about glass particles found on the surface of their cars and homes. Some have also questioned if certain respiratory ailments could be related.    

 The federal EPA, which hired an outside contractor to handle the cleanup of the pile, originally estimated it would take a week to extinguish the fire and stop the smell from spreading.

On Wednesday night, a spokesperson said they have only completed about 25 percent of the required work and that the cleanup could take an additional two weeks.

For months, we have heard from neighbors about the burning pile that has sent an unbearable smell throughout the village.

However, the EPA is continuing to test the air through monitors and says it's OK.




















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