Controversial Crematory Withdraws Plans to Relocate

8:42 AM, Nov 2, 2012   |    comments
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TOWN OF TONAWANDA, NEW YORK - These days the crematory at the Amigone Funeral Home in the Town of Tonawanda sits quiet, and shutdown due to complaints from nearby neighbors about the smell there.

Thursday, the business announced plans to relocate and re-open its crematory near another residential area, have been taken off the table.

The Amigone Funeral Home remains a sensitive topic, for folks in the Town of Tonawanda even with it's cremating operation are shutdown. New debate arose when it was learned Amigone was considering moving its crematory off its current location, roughly 10 minutes west to Cooper Avenue, right by where the 190 and the 290 meet. A public hearing on the proposal, set for November 7th, has been cancelled as a result.

CEO Vincent Amigone released the following statement:

"We have arranged for this crematory in order to assure the families we serve that their loved ones are

afforded the dignity and respect that they deserve. These families trust us at their most vulnerable time.

We take that obligation very seriously."

"We have also tried to respond to community concerns expressed about the operation. Although no

scientific evidence connected the crematory operation to ongoing air issues we agreed to consider an

alternative location. We investigated and found a suitable location on Cooper Avenue in a facility zoned

for light manufacturing operations. This proposed move was described as a "win-win" by local officials;

keeping the operation in town for the families we serve while addressing the concerns expressed by our

neighbors. Unfortunately, the neighbors in the new proposed location have expressed opposition to our

operations and the New York State Cemetery Board has expressed opposition to our moving the


"Amigone is a family business. Sheridan Park has operated the crematory at this location for over 20

years. My family and I have personally been exposed to the crematory operations on a constant basis.

We have every belief that the operations are safe and do not cause any health impacts. We have taken

steps to insure that the facility is equipped with the best available technology to provide all appropriate

protections to the public. We have even made modifications over the years at the request of our

neighbors and regulatory agencies. We believe that the concerns expressed are unfounded."







For about 20 years, the funeral home burned bodies, until this past July when the facility shutdown operations. In recent years, residents that border the funeral home have complained about loud noises from the facility and a terrible odor that spreads throughout the neighborhood.


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