Mother Of Local Marine Reacts To Book Detailing Military Wrongdoing

5:33 PM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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Aaron Kenefick

BUFFALO, NY - For the past three years, Susan Price has had to live with the fact that the commanding officers, who refused to send in support and help for her son and four others who were killed during an ambush in Afghanistan three years ago, have gotten away with the military equivalent of a slap on the wrist: letters of discipline.

In the early morning hours of September 8th 2009, her son Aaron Kenefick, a Gunnery Sergeant, was part of a group of Marine advisors and Afghan soldiers who were ambushed in the valley of a mountain village in Afghanistan.

For nearly two hours, the men called their command center nearby pleading for help, and for two hours those pleas were ignored.

It was then that one of the Marines, Dakota Meyer, disobeyed orders and, along with four others, repeatedly went into the valley and carried wounded Afghan soldiers to safety and provided cover for dozens of others to escape.

For his actions that day, Meyer won the Medal Of Honor, America's highest military honor.

Meyer though couldn't save Aaron and four others. Aaron was one of his closest friends.

"Gunnery Kenefick, me and him were really close, we fought together, ate, slept, trained together, everything up to that point," said Meyer in an interview with the Military Times.

Meyer has written a book called "Into The Fire" about what happened that day. The book was released last week.

"The book is a ray of light for the beginning of justice for us- the families of the fallen and the men that were there that day," says Susan Price.

An official investigation found the commanding officers "negligent" and that their actions "directly contributed to the loss of life" that day.

Price feels the book will give her and the other family members more ammunition in their fight for justice.

Susan Price: "There's been no justice and no punishment whatsoever and we demand it now."

Scott Brown: "What would you consider justice?"

Susan Price: "I'd like to see a public hearing and I'd like to see them (the officers) go to jail because they took the most sacred parts of our lives, all of us Gold Star families."

Scott Brown: "If you had the chance to talk to those officers what would you say to them?"

Susan Price: "Why would you do that, not just to us, but America? You're a disgrace, how do you sleep at night? I would start with that, I don't know how I would end, I can't say that on TV."

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