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7:01 PM, Oct 7, 2012   |    comments
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Dick Gallagher gives his predictions for the playoffs after week 4.
Class AA South: Orchard Park and Jamestown should meet for the league title in week 6 but the Red Raiders will have to get by Frontier which gave the Quakers all that they could handle. Clarence, Frontier, and West Seneca West will battle for the two remaining playoff spots.
Class AA North: Lockport is a lock for the playoffs and is the favorite to win the title. The other three slots, more than likely, will be Kenmore West, Niagara Falls, and Hutch Tech. Riverside needs to break a 15 game losing streak if they are to play for a slot in the playoffs.
Class A North: Sweet Home, McKinley, and Grand Island are locked in for the playoffs. Starpoint and Williamsville North will compete for the remaining slot with Starpoint having an edge if they tie sine they defeated Williamsville North.
Class A South: West Seneca East is the favorite for the league title with its win over the Billies. Williamsville South, Williamsville East, Iroquois, and Hamburg will vie for the 3 remaining berths.
Class B: The top two teams in each class are in the playoffs plus 2 wild card teams which that the best record: Pioneer and Eden in Class B South, Alden and Depew in Class B East, and Cheektowaga in Class B West. Lew-port and/or Burgard will have the other slot in Class B West. Contenders for the 2 wildcard slots include Lew-port, Burgard, East, and Maryvale.
Class C North: Cleveland Hill and Fredonia are locks for the playoff berths while JFK, Akron, and Wilson will vie for the 2 other slots.
Class C South: Salamanca should be a lock for a playoff spot while Allegany/Limestone, southwestern, (No Suggestions) valley, and Westfield will vie for the three remaining berths.
Class D:  All teams will compete in the playoffs.
Class DD: Panama and Sherman/Ripley are locks for the playoff berths while Clymer, Franklinville, and Ellicottville will vie for the two remaining berths.
Projected Playoff Teams:
Class AA South: Orchard Park, Jamestown, West Seneca West, Clarence
Class AA North: Lockport, Kenmore West, Niagara Falls, Hutch-Tech
Class A North: Sweet Home, McKinley, Grand Island, Starpoint
Class A South: West Seneca East, Williamsville South, Williamsville East, Iroquois
Class C North: Cleveland Hill, Fredonia, Wilson, JFK
Class C South: Salamanca, Southwestern, Westfield/Brocton, Allegany/Limestone
Class B: Alden, Depew, Pioneer, Eden, Cheektowaga, Burgard, Lew-port, Maryvale
Class DD: Sherman/Ripley, Panama, Clymer, Ellicottville
Note: All teams will make the playoffs in Class D
In Class DD, 1 plays 4 and 2 plays 3 in week 8. The winners take a bye in week 9 and play at Ralph Wilson Stadium for the championship in week 10. Teams which finish 5, 6, and 7 will play in the Funke Bowl.

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