NYS 63rd District: Kennedy-Grant Senate Race Within 100 Votes

3:10 PM, Sep 18, 2012   |    comments
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Buffalo, N.Y. - We won't know who has won the State Senate Democratic primary between Tim Kennedy and Betty Jean Grant for at least another week.

After totals were re-checked from voting machines following Thursday's election, Kennedy led by 91 votes: 10,888 to 10,797.

The new 63rd District runs along the lakeshore from Tonawanda in the north down to Brant in the south.

At the Erie County Board of Elections on Friday, employees were opening paper, or affidavit ballots, that had been cast by people who weren't listed at the polling place they went to.

Board employees were also going over the computer chips that listed the vote totals for Kennedy and Grant.

Still to come are absentee ballots which can't be opened by law until next Thursday, that will be the first real update we'll get on which way the race is going.

Republican Elections Commissioner Ralph Mohr: "We do have 1,188 absentee ballots in hand at the Board of elections which have not been counted, and there are hundreds of affidavit ballots which still have to be qualified and depending on where those ballots are from it could make a difference in this race. Anything's possible and either candidate could pull this thing out."

Both sides have already retained lawyers to represent them during the recount process.

Political Analyst Carl Calabrese: "Both campaigns will make sure they've appointed representatives who understand the election law, who understand the recount process and are there at every phase of the recount. You'll see two or four strangers literally standing over the shoulders of board of election officials as they go through the recount."

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