Quadruple Amputee's Amazing Story of Recovery

4:57 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It's a tale of rebirth, presistance and hope.

Shannon Smith of Buffalo is a very special woman, who bounced back after a life-threatening blood infection that cost her, her limbs and unborn son.

"I always just say, just keep motivation and support, support is number one," Smith said, during a celebration to highlight her hard work at East Coast Orthotic and Prosthetic Corporation in Buffalo.

Think about all the things you do in one day. Now, imagine having to relearn those things, even basic functions. This is what Smith has to do.

In December 2010, Smith was six months pregnant with her second son. She was living in Nevada and was pursing her dreams as a pharmacy technician. All of a sudden, she started feeling pain. Doctors said she contracted sepsis, which is a potentially fatal disease that causes the body to react strongly to bacteria.

Doctors could not save her son.

"I believe he survived for a couple hours, but I went into a coma so I never got to meet him or see him or anything," she said.

But doctors did save her life, by amputating her limbs. Smith spent nearly a year in a hospital bed. Now, her mother says she's lucky to have her by her side.

Smith's mother, Roxanne, became emotional in our interview with her, however, she was able to speak of the family's enormous challenges.

"It's very hard with everything that's going on, but we're making it through it," she said.

Smith's doctors say that basic functions, such as standing are challenges for her, but that she does it easily because she has so much energy.

Smith says the next things she wants to do is learn how to drive and eventually go to Fiji, an island in the South Pacific Ocean. And here's another thing to add to the list: Smith plans to finish her studies online.

"I was in school for pharmacy and working as a pharmacy tech and I just started that and I'm going back for that and just keep your goals and no matter what happens you can still achieve your goals," Smith said.

And Buffalo's mayor, Byron Brown was there at the celebration. He proclaimed Sept. 12 as "Shannon Smith Day" in Buffalo.

Meantime, Smith's story will also be shown on "The Doctors" Thursday at noon, right here on Channel 2.




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