Letters From The Public To The Judge In Corasanti Case

12:05 AM, Aug 19, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Letters From The Public To The Judge In Corasanti Case

Judge Sheila DiTullio; Pool Photo Buffalo News

BUFFALO, NY-- Judge Sheila DiTullio received over 200 letters from the public in the time leading up to Thursday's sentencing of Dr. James Corasanti for his DWI conviction.

Those from the general public who did not know Corasanti were overwhelmingly in favor of him getting the maximum sentence of one year in prison. And many were blunt in their opinion of Corasanti

WEB EXTRA: Read some of the letters sent to Judge DiTullio

One woman wrote: "I'm asking you to give this arrogant, negligent man the full sentence you can impose. Make a statement to other drunks. I believe he didn't see Alix because he was drunk and or texting."

A woman who identified herself as a senior citizen wrote: "I feel he will continue to do this. Please Judge DiTullio in your wise judgment give this man what he really deserves, which is the maximum jail sentence."

A number of the letter writers made a point of saying they did not know the Rice family personally, like this person who wrote the judge: "No sentence will ever be great enough for a man who was simply nothing less than a coward and murderer and who deserves never to see the light of day again."

A source tells us that Corasanti's family did not write any letters on his behalf.

Among the letters asking for leniency, many were from patients of Corasanti's.

One of them wrote: "I truly admire Dr. James Corasanti for the passion he has for his patients and I pray he remains a fixture in my life, as I feel he is the reason I am still here and able to write this letter."

And among the notable people who wrote on Corasanti's behalf was Monsignor Angelo Caligiuri, who was also a patient of Corasanti's- he wrote: "I will be forever grateful for Dr. Corasanti's medical ministry to me. I would like to encourage you to do whatever is possible to keep his unique medical expertise available to his many patients and to the broader Western New York community."

You can watch the entire sentencing by clicking here.

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