What Will Happen to Corasanti Now?

6:29 PM, Aug 16, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY-- Dr. James Corasanti arrived at the jail in Alden just after 2:00 Thursday afternoon.

Instead of the suit and tie he was wearing in court in the morning, he'll be wearing an orange t-shirt and pants.

Corasanti will stay in a cell with a bed, sink and toilet and a table.

He'll spend much of his time in a common area, where he'll eat his meals and can watch TV.

"Everything that every other inmate is afforded will be afforded to him. He'll get served his meals, he'll be out in the common area during non-lockdown times, he'll have access to the library and to inmate recreation," said Tom Diina the Interim Jail Superintendent.

Although jail officials don't expect Corasanti to have any problems with other inmates because of his notoriety, initially he'll be kept in a smaller area of the jail that houses fewer inmates.

Even though Corasanti's sentence is for a year in jail, it's likely he'll actually only serve eight months and will be credited with what's called "good time" for the remaining four months if he has no disciplinary problems while in jail.   In New York, inmates must serve at least two thirds of their sentence before being eligible for release.

"The vast majority of the inmates are released with the good time applied," said Diina.

Once Corasanti is released, his legal problems are far from over.

He's facing a civil suit filed by Alix Rice's family.

And where the burden of proof in a criminal case is "guilt beyond a reasonable doubt," in a civil case the threshold is much lower.

Guilt can be found by a "preponderance of the evidence," meaning a 51% finding of guilt.

Also, in a civil suit there are only six jurors instead of the 12 in a criminal case, and only five of the six are needed for a guilty verdict.

A good point of reference here is the O.J. Simpson case where Simpson was acquitted of two murders but found guilty in the civil lawsuit against him that followed where a judgment of over $30 million was placed against him.

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