Inside the Huddle: The Strongest

7:04 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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These athletes listed below have bench pressed at least 300 pounds.

Mike Senn, Orchard Park  405 lbs.
Ryan Hunter, Canisius  350 lbs. 
Cortland Haines, Jamestown  345 lbs.
Jason Bunk, Alden  340 lbs.
Jon Scroxton, Maple Grove  340 lbs.
Alex Kanney, Starpoint  340 lbs.
Wes Riley, Hamburg  330 lbs.
Pat Haley, Canisius 325 lbs.
Steven Stauss, Albion  325 lbs.
Jaronetay Thomson, Alden  320 lbs.
Brady Simpson, Cassadaga Valley 315 lbs. 
Clayton Smith, Barker/Roy-Hart  315 lbs.
Brandon Werder, Cassadaga Valley 315 lbs.
Lee Wascher, Maple Grove 315 lbs.
Greg Crane, Williamsville South 305 lbs.
Zach Penman, Starpoint 305 lbs.
Steve Andryzejewski, Pioneer 300 lbs.
Robbie Benson, Panama    300 lbs.
Denzel Benton, Canisius 300 lbs.
Jackson Brown, Timon/St. Jude 300 lbs.
Zack Gloff, Fredonia 300 lbs.
Justin Green, St. Mary's 300 lbs.
Keyon Handley, Niagara Falls 300 lbs.
Andrew Hoffman, St. Mary's 300 lbs.
Conner Johnson, Pioneer 300 lbs.
Dalton Moore, Lake Shore 300 lbs.
Jake Muscarella, Canisius 300 lbs.
Qadree Ollison, Canisius   300 lbs.
Khalil Sommerville, Bennett 300 lbs.
Jake Swan, Maple Grove 300 lbs.
Jonathan Thomas, Cleveland Hill 300 lbs.
Jon Trembley, Albion 300 lbs.
Nick Bachmon, Barker/Roy-Hart 325 lbs.
Ryan Byrne, Timon/St. Jude 300 lbs.
Bill Attea, Sweet Home 300 lbs.
Hank Ransom, Williamsville East 300 lbs.

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